My Luxury Skincare Routine with Bellevue London

I'm so happy that I am back to posting regularly over on the blog my new PC is on the way so I will be able to finally get some post out quickly for you guys my current one is so full and its so slow I use to dread having to write content but that's all about to change. Despite I haven't been posting as regularly there's some new readers that follow my blog and I would like to welcome you. Now that all the housekeeping is out of the way let's get into the post.
So a while back I got *gifted with these skincare goodies from Bellvue London. I've never heard of the brand but I am always happy to find new skincare brand since I can find some serious gems out there.
So the products I got sent are the Day Cream, The Night Cream and their Facial Serum.I'm not going to make this post an extremely long post just going to write about my experience with the products.


The Facial Serum is more of a light cream and I applied it to the face and neck after using my cleanser. I really love the serum its really light weight, non scented and it feels great on the skin. Its said that on the packaging that it is an anti-aging serum with prompt lift effect suitable for fine lines. And despite I am on the younger side when it comes to anti-aging property's I have noticed some vibrance in my skin since using this.

The Restorative Day Cream uses snail extract which is rich in glycolic acid amongst other vitamins and mineral. I have a few day creams and this one unlike the serum has a slight scent but its very moisturising a little goes a long way so I had to go light. It was quite moisturising on the skin without being tacky or sticky and my skin reacts really well to glycolic acid.
The Night Repair Creams I love the sound of it just the thought of your skin repairing itself while you sleep sounds great to me. I'll be honest and say I am very uncomfortable with night creams and this one was rather thick so I was hoping that it didn't give me a really bad break out. So I used it a few times over the weeks and I used a little. When I woke up in the morning my skin felt really soft and I had no break outs the few times I used it.

For the most part I love these products my favourite would be the facial serum then the Day Cream and lastly the Night Cream but overall their anti- aging collection is really nice for the skin and you do see changes over time while using them. I Trialled these products for  3 weeks to give a well rounded review.

Also as mentioned before on my Instagram I will be giving away this entire collection over on my page. So be sure to follow my socials to see when the giveaway is live. And you can purchase these products over on a Bellevue London page and see what others are saying about the brand.
Have you tried Bellevue London Collection?
Thank you for reading!

Beauty truly is skin deep. When you get to a certain age, if you are lucky, then you might delay aging, but a few fine lines do start creeping in. Not sure if starting  treatment younger does truly prevent ageing. I personally think that ageing is hereditary and I am lucky that the women in my family still look young even in their late 60’s and early 70’s.

I do however, have a few fine lines starting to show up under my eyes, but I still feel fab at forty!


I have been recently using the new range from Bellevue of London and I must say it has impressed me!  My regime starts firstly, with the serum, the day cream and finish my day with the eye gel and the night cream. After using these four in my skincare routine, I have found my skin much more smoother, supple and hydrated.


I really love the consistency and texture of these products, because they are nice and thick and very protecting. I also adore the packaging, it is very chic, as well as pleasing to the eye. The good thing is that they are made of plastic, so will be durable and less likely to break when travelling.


I love the facial serum, I have noticed a difference in both my skin and pores whilst using it. The eye gel is also fab and soothes under my eyes especially after a tiring day. I adore the night creme, as my skin feels so lovely in the morning and ready for the day ahead. The need to use less cream, as my skin is not dry now also help in the harsh winter months.


The Bellevue range is rich in natural glycol acid, allantoin, mineral salts, vitamins, collagen, elastin, proteins and peptides that make the skin feel soft.

I recommend the range and have a wonderful offer for my readers whereby you can get a massive 50% off the Bellevue Collection with the following discount code: ‘afshanBV’ – so what you waiting for? Click here for offer >


Also, keep an eye on both my Twitter and Instagram where I will be giving away some products from this fantastic range!

Bellevue London – Luxury skincare range for all skin types

Posted by JUSTNADIENE on January 15, 2018



Having a great skincare routine is certainly my tip for having a perfected makeup look. Recently Bellevue reached out to me with their luxury skincare range which I am delighted to share with you now.


Designed to cover the needs of the contemporary woman who, like me want to combine a busy lifestyle and personal care. Of course having top quality products in order to achieve this is vital. As you get past your mid-twenties, your skin loses elasticity and so a skin care regime has been more important now than in previous years. Bellevue London aims to be a pioneer in cellular anti-ageing therapies and cutting edge biotechnology, by intercepting the ageing process at a cellular level. This is why I was keen to give it the range a go.

Since Bellevue pride themselves on selecting the finest certified ingredients that are blended together to offer the best care for your delicate skin this sounded like something I really wanted to try. My skincare routine is a part of the day where I get to take time to myself which I really enjoy and what you make the best it can be.


As you know my skin is very complex and although it is getting better, I am still learning. Due to the ranges’ richness in folic acid and glycolic acid, this treatment is also offering exciting results in the treatment of oily skin: it opens pores blocked by serum, renews and triggers the regeneration of skin damaged by acne. Suitable to all skin types and all ages. There were tonnes of more benefits which can be found on their website so be sure to check it out.

The Range


I was lucky enough to receive the entire Bellevue range consisting of Facial Serum, Eye gel, Day and Night Cream to try out which I have been using since the beginning of December. I have ensured that I have used it for enough time to be able to give my thoughts around its results.

Eye Gel


To be used around three times a week on the eye contour area. It is literally just a clear light weight gel in terms of consistency. I like to leave it to sink in after application however in the evening I light to also place some cream under my eyes afterwards as in the winter, this area can get really dry.

Facial Serum


For sure my favourite of the range as I am addicted to the benefits of serums. Again this is very light weight although white in color. My skin soaks it up really quickly so I am confident it loves it also I still continue to use my retinol treatment in the evening.

Day & Night cream

The importance of creams is ensuring that you also apply this to your neck. The texture is like whipped cream and really does feel amazing to put on.



I feel like this Bellevue range has made my skin definitely feel fuller and smoother with only one single spot within the entire time (hugely rare for me). The main difference I felt is in my cheeks where I actually feel like I have some as they are fuller. Also I feel like my skin is less oily and just a lot more settled in general. So if you are looking to invest more into your skincare then be sure to check their website out.

Preparing for that all-eyes-on-me moment as you glide excitedly towards your groom takes weeks (make that months) of prep. But unfortunately, scoring clear, luminous skin isn’t as easy as making a crater-size hole in your budget. Actually far from it. Piling on product after product will just confuse your skin as to what’s actually doing any good, leaving it in a fragile and sensitive (make that spotty) state. (shudders)

In recent months I’ve been on a ‘skin fast.’ Huh? Well, you know how you tend to eat less – and better – when the dream white dress is on the horizon, I thought why not do the same with my skincare? Strip back to a more basic but effective routine that will boost hydration, protect against ageing and ultimately make my skin look loads better.

I skin-fasted using a range I recently discovered by Bellevue London and I can honestly say, my skin is looking better and brighter than it has in a long time. It’s a small but stylishly formed collection of four products – a Restorative Day Cream, a Night Repair Cream, a Facial Serum and an Eye Gel. Each one feels as dreamy to use as the next, thanks to a sophisticated blend of glycolic acid (good for natural buffing away of dulling cells) glow-bestowing elastin and collagen plus skin-smoothing peptides.

The Facial Serum is my fave of the four. Serum to me is the Super Hero of skincare. Fully charged with active ingredients, it swoops in to deliver the goodies deep into your epidermis thus saving your skin. I’ve been applying two drops of the Facial Serum over cleansed skin twice a day. Spiked with vitamins to increase collagen production and stimulate cell turnover, the texture is so light you barely know it’s there. I do find that I crave the comfort of moisturiser afterwards, which is where the Restorative Day Cream and Night Repair Cream come in. Both with souffle-like textures, they may contain snail extract, but they haven’t been slow to show results. My skin feels softer and looks clearer. The last product in the range is the Eye Gel which I’ve been using religiously twice a day for well over a month. Just the tiniest pea-sized drop slips around my eyes without dragging. What I like most though is how it feels really cool so is a nice wake-up call for morning puffiness! I always smooth any leftover gel onto the backs of my hands. Don’t forget that they have an important role to play on your W-day too with everyone wanting to see your new ring.

I really am impressed with this range. My bathroom shelf is no longer caving under the weight of a lengthy regime and my skin is looking and behaving better for it. But hang on, the name of this post is Win Perfect Skin in time for your wedding…. And here’s where you can do just that. Bellevue London have saved me an extra full set, worth £148 to give away to one lucky bride-to-be. To win it, just hit my social media or send me a comment in the box below. I’ll choose who’ll get her glow on in time for her own ‘I Do’ day on 29 February.

But if you can’t wait until then, don’t worry. You can still get a piece of the skin-loving action because Bellevue London are offering Bridalbeautyeditor readers a whopping 50% discount off any full-sized product in the range. To claim your discount, enter this online code bbedit50 at the checkout

Have you tried the range? Wouldn’t you love to get married with flawless skin?


Sarah x

January, the perfect time to review everything you do, and switch it up if needed. I'm not a skincare expert. Back in October at the Olympia Beauty show, I had a skin consultation and had one of those scan things that delves deep into your face to see any problem areas that you may not be aware of, and what vitamins or products would be most tailored to your face. I kind of left it as that for a while, as some of the products suggested, were quite expensive and my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish would do me just fine for now. Bellevue London then got in touch, and offered to send me a few products from their range to try over the last few months, and today I thought I'd share the results. 


A day and a night cream:

Both are rather thick creams, so suiting the drier skinners of us (did that make sense?) My skin type changed per season and may be completely different from year to year so trying to find a skin care product that I'll use over and over, can be a challenge. I'll happily use a thick, hydrating night cream as with my usual 11 hour sleep routine, it has enough time to sink in. Day creams that are this formula aren't usually my type to go for, as the 40 mins I have in the morning mean I need a quick drying moisturiser, or risk my primer and foundation being one big clumpy mess on my face once I walk out the door. If however, you are dry and DO need that extra bit, both of the creams aren't half bad. They say they've included a whole host of fancy salts and vitamins that I'll have no idea what does what so I shant bore you with it. I also use the night cream everyday if that's any sort of help xo


An eye gel:

'Erase fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet' take any product with a pinch of salt as natural aging is nothing to worry about. The brand says the eye gel can help with elasticity, which at my age (21 is old now), I should probably start looking into. I haven't really got and problems with my eye area, expect the bags that seem to happen but I call them the stress sag, so I can't provide too much of an opinion of the product. However, I do believe that using a range of products from one company is very beneficial, sometimes over mixing and matching so it can only be a good thing (don't shoot me).

A serum:

Completely against all better judgement, I started using this in the morning as a base for my makeup. The thinness of the Facial serum made a great layer to put my primer on top of as it set really quickly. It promises to help with evening out skin tones, which if works, would be great as I have red cheeks (free blush anyone?) that  can sometimes show through foundation.

Overall, I was shocked at how much I've stuck to using certain products and how my skin felt after using them. I expect the brand to be more well known this year so if you fancy grabbing anything off the site, click here and using code wkdn50bv for 50% off!

Now for the fun part... Bellevue London are giving you the chance to win all four products in the range! All you have to do is...



Follow me on Instagram and like the Bellevue photo. Then comment your favourite skincare product in the comments section.



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Eye creams, Face Creams, Serums… pretty much all skin care companies out there claim to be the best and have the best. So how can you tell the good ones apart from the bad without ending up broke, because lets face it, the better the cream the bigger the price. I think my favourite skin care product currently retails at £79 (eyes water)!!
Bellevue is a company that focuses on covering ‘the needs of the contemporary woman, who wants to combine her busy lifestyle with her personal care, and is not willing to compromise in the quality or performance of the beauty product she uses.’
Many skin care companies plough chemicals into their products without really much thought to the user- surely if it does the job why wouldn’t they love it? However, 2017 has seen such an increase in the desire to use more natural products it is like the companies cannot keep up. Bellevue pride themselves in using ingredients such as natural glycolic acid and mineral salts among others along with being paraben and paraffin free.

What is even more shocking is that the company offer a LIFETIME guarantee! Yes, seriously! Whether you are having doubts on first use or even a year down the line- they have you covered! How crazy is that! I have never heard a skincare company be so sure of themselves. So lets see how they faired.


Night Repair cream is always something I am a little dubious about. Bellevue’s uses snail extract which is hugely known for its repairing properties. You may have seen my other post about a year ago about snail extract, it is definitely something the industry need to use more of. This cream also claims to offer a reducing in scarring, acne and dark spots along with making your skin generally radiant. I have been using this cream every night for around 2 weeks now and also I currently haven’t seen any reduction in acne scarring I really do seem to have a bit of life in my skin. I will continue to use this product and Ill try and update this post in a month or so with some results. The night cream is very nourishing but has a funny waxy like texture that I am still a little unsure of if I am honest but with time that opinion may change.

To go with the night cream is a Restorative Day Cream. Again this uses Snail extract with vitamins and minerals to leave mature, dry skin very moisturised. For me this product was just too heavy but only because I do not suffer with dry skin so I found my skin breaking out a bit more than usual.


Next up we have Eye Gel.  I do love a good soothing eye gel. I think applying this first thing in the morning before makeup really wakes your eyes up and makes you ready for the day. The product explains its results portray the erasing of fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet and revitalising the skin around the eyes. I am lucky at age 26 to not super from wrinkles etc around the eyes but I am sure that will come with time. To be able to use this product to wake my eyes up and keep my skin in the best condition possible works for me. I was quite impressed with the smell and consistency etc and would actually look into buying more of this one.


The last product I tried was the Facial Serum. Evening skin tone, restoring health and texture from first use is a bold statement. The serum is ultra-hydrating and deeply moisturising. Because of its huge moisturising element I only used a tiny bit each time. A little does go a long way with this product so do not put a tonne on your finger on first application. I have noticed my skin looking more radiant but I am not sure if that is the night cream, the serum or a combination of both.

Bellevue is a company that I had never heard but a company that I want to hear a lot more of. Their products are good quality are definitely worth trying.

If you wish to purchase any of these you can buy them on Amazon. Simply use my code ‘AblogBea’ to get 50% off at the checkout



Incredibly soft, smooth,

and almost flawless

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Bellevue of London: Snail Extract?!

Bellevue of London

With 20 months in the making, Ricardo Singh has created the fantastic 'Bellevue of London' skin care range.
The dream started 25 years ago, and today is finally a reality.
Ricardo gave me the absolute pleasure to try and test these amazing products, and this is my verdict.
Although the price may be steep, the results are entirely worth it.
The restorative range does exactly what it says on the tin,(and can we talk about the beautiful packaging?!). 
With consistent use, I found my skin to be smoother, with an even, softer looking texture.
With the aesthetically appealing packaging, they're something you'd want to keep on display rather than hide away.
The creams are perfect for anyone with dry or oily skin, as their ingredients are rich in glycolic acid, allantoin, mineral salts, and vitamins; leaving skin deeply moisturised, promoting 
healthy skin production. 
What makes these products so different to those restorative creams on the market, is the fact they use snail extract.
This popular new trend is flourishing in the skin care market place, due to the amazing properties that snail mucin has.
It is a recognised, and widely known as an 
official cosmetic ingredient.
But snails, really?
Yes, packed full with nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, and antimicrobial properties, snail extract has proven to be hugely beneficial for the skin. The harvesting of snail mucin does not kill or hurt the snails, when done correctly and professionally.
If snails aren't your thing, you can try their amazing eye gel and facial serum. By far my two favourite, the eye gel instantly cools, tightens, and lifts dark circles.
The facial serum also tightens and lifts, creating a more youthful appearance. Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles, as the formula penetrates deep into your skin, nourishing it.
The results?
Incredibly soft, smooth, and almost flawless. 
Despite my initial reaction to the garden pest ingredient, it is hard to deny that they do really work. 
If you are interested, head over to my Instagram page to take part in a competition to win the entire set (worth £180!), as well as gain exclusive discount codes if you follow me!
Instagram Link for Alisha Mars


Blog review of Bellevue of London
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A wonderful Review from Becky Goddard-Hill of "a beautiful space" February 2017

Bellevue of London Beauty Products Review




Every so often I am asked to review a product that just absolutely blows me away.


The beauty products from Bellevue of London are exceptional and I have absolutely loved using them.

Facial Serum and Eye Gel
Bellevue of London Facial Serum and Eye Gel (Image by

Bellevue London aims to be a pioneer in cellular anti-ageing therapies and cutting edge biotechnology, by intercepting the ageing process at a cellular level. Think of the range as your luxury partner in skin care where we strive to meet the health, beauty and well-being of our clients. That’s why all of our products are carefully formulated as dermo-cosmetics, which is the happy medium between health and beauty.


The first product I reviewed (over the month of January) was the Bellevue eye gel. This is such a lovely product and whenever I use it my eyes immediately feel refreshed.  It is light and cooling on application and is a real pick me up for my tired eyes.

The eye gel can be worn make up free or under make up and is applied in the mornings. It works to promotes deep cellular renewal in the area around your eyes, stimulating the natural revitalization of  ageing skin. It also fights against dark circles and works to diminish fine lines. Just what I need!

I felt it made my eyes look much more awake and refreshed and that the overall impression it gave was to make me look younger and more sparkly. I will definitely keep on using it.

Eye Gel
Bellevue of London Eye Gel (Image used in Blog review by
Eye Gel Ingredients
Bellevue of London Eye Gel Ingredients (Image used in Blog review by

Bellevue of London also have an amazing facial serum that I have been trialling for the last 4 weeks too.

Facial Serum
Bellevue of London Facial Serum (Image used in Blog review by
Facial Serum Ingredients
Bellevue of London Facial Serum Ingredients (Image used in Blog review by

The serum is enriched with vitamins and nutrients and it aims to restore skin’s health,  even skin tone and texture right from the very first use.

My skin tone is pale and rosy in winter and the central heating makes it pretty dry so I have to be careful with the products I use.

I found the Bellevue serum really hydrated and moisturised my skin  and as a result it far less dry and itchy.  I used the paraben-free serum every morning on my face and neck and I think my complexion looked a lot smoother and more even as the weeks progressed.  It felt both weightless and non greasy which is really important to me. Again I will happily keep on using this product.

Lovely products, highly recommended.



Bellevue of London offers you a HASSLE FREE 100% Money Back Guarantee on all their products.


Where to buy

Products can be purchased from Bellevue of London shop or over at Amazon


Members club

You can also join the Bellevue of London members club which will give you receive exclusive offers, complimentary gifts and promotional discounts. You will receive VIP invitations to try New Product launches before they are launched Nationally and benefits including 50% off your first order.


Reader discount: 

If you use the word “Beautify” as promo code over at Bellevue of London this will entitle you to 30% off the entire Bellevue collection and will be valid until the end of February 2017

Winner of the ‘Best New Beauty Blogger Award 2016’ & ‘Best Beauty Youtuber Award 2016’,  Eleise, reviews the Bellevue of London collection

Blog review of Bellevue of London
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Bellevue London – The new addition to my night stand

Day Cream, Night Cream, Facial Serum and Eye Gel
Bellevue of London Restorative Day Cream, Night Repair Cream, Facial Serum and Eye Gel (Image by

I was lucky enough to meet a very nice gentleman at the Beauty Blogger Awards, who had just created Bellevue – a luxury skin care range. Apart from being lovely, you could see he had REAL passion for his products so when he asked me to try them out I was obviously more than happy too ( My belief has always been that people with passion create GREAT products – and I wasn’t wrong!)

So Bellevue London, what is it about? Luxury skincare products that take inspiration from the city with the highest quality, standard and classical style. They are so sure you will LOVE their products they offer a guarantee that you will be happy with the products when you buy them, first use them, or even when you use them a year from now. Thats pretty big words, so how does it hold up?  Ive been trying it for the past 3 weeks to give it a realistic run.


The packaging 

Gorgeous, high quality, strong, neutral, and clean looking. Ideal for a proud display in the bathroom! They come with cute little ingredient booklets inside.

Day Cream Box, Night Cream Box, Facial Serum Box and Eye Gel Box
Bellevue of London Restorative Day Cream, Night Repair Cream, Facial Serum and Eye Gel BOXES (Image by
Day Cream, Night Cream, Facial Serum and Eye Gel
Bellevue of London Restorative Day Cream, Night Repair Cream, Facial Serum and Eye Gel (Image by
Day Cream, Night Cream, Facial Serum and Eye Gel
Bellevue of London Restorative Day Cream, Night Repair Cream, Facial Serum and Eye Gel (Image by


The pots are really strong and unscrew/screw nicely. Pumps works smoothly and deliver the perfect amount into the hand (sounds a bit of a basic comment but this is really important to me – when a product pumps out too much or too little, it annoys me more than it should! haha). The pots are really large and flat, so it looks it looks very high quality and like you have a lot of cream – even though it is actually 50ml – which is the same as most skincare brands

Day Cream, Night Cream, Facial Serum and Eye Gel
Bellevue of London Restorative Day Cream, Night Repair Cream, Facial Serum and Eye Gel (Image by

The skin test

So as I said in the beginning of this post – I have been using this for just under a month (I like to really try out the skin care products before I ever blog about them!)

So lets talk about the Restorative Day cream first. This is a texture unlike anything other I have tried, the cream is thick ( something I’ve very familiar with as my skin is so dry) but when its applied to the skin it doesn’t feel too heavy, and its not greasy or oily….Whats in it?  Snail Extract – Yes you heard that right,  snails rebuild their skin when damaged so this helps to restore the healthy, youthful appearance of your skin naturally. It also is designed to stimulates the natural production of collagen elastin fibres, glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans which are the secrets of the plushest of skin. 

The night repair cream is also made with snail extract – which also helps face harmonise its pigmentation tone, helps scars, acne scars and dark spots as well as promoting the nighttime cell renewal. Th texture is a bit thicker but still has a velvety finish on the skin – so I think it would be suitable for different skin types.

This Eye gel helps rejuvenate and promises it penetrates deep into the skin. It also has caffeine in it which is a renowned eye ingredient to wake the skin up. The texture is light and gel like and its really refreshing and cooling to apply.

The Facial serum which I apply before the moisturiser is enriched with vitamins and minerals and claims to help restore the skins elasticity, and increase brightness. Again this is quite a light texture which felt nice on the face.


So how did it go?

My main comment is that it feels lovely and luxurious to apply. I love that its dense, but not heavy and doesn’t leave the face feeling greasy so applying make up is absolutely fine after ( and won’t leave you ca greasy mess a few hours later). I have only been using this for three weeks so I can’t comment on longer term results but I can say I really enjoyed using this and my skin definitely felt like it had some goodness applied to it and my skin felt really comfortable once applied! My favourite of the products was the cooling eye gel as this really felt lovely to put on – and I’m always down for an eye gel! I’m looking forward to using this more to see the longer term results that these products can give! I really liked the cream on my neck scar as it really made it feel comfortable and I really wanted to get the most of the snail extract on it – to see what effect it had! Obviously this is a massive scar so I can’t see any immediate difference but it really does feel nice on it as it is a dense texture ( which not all creams do) so this is a massive bonus for me!


If you want to try these out you can do so by clicking here and using code ‘ELEISEON’ for 50% off!


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